One of the most common reasons for the creation of trade barriers is to encourage local production by making it more difficult for foreign firms to compete there. Another reason is to help local firms export and thus build worldwide market share by doing such things as providing them with subsidies in the form of tax breaks and low-interest loans. Other common reasons include:
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Not many ppl can access this information because it is the top secret.

Cao dai Religious leader - His Holiness Pham Cong Tac

"Today, I (poor monk) will preach about the cause - effect law of human in the last circle of the Third Manvantara to the four manvantara. You children be patient to wait The GOD FATHER show you stage by stage. You children expect to see the doomsday but when it comes you cry as it rains cats and dogs. I really want to say the unlimited po ... Xem thêm »

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Today I read a book about lucid dreaming. It seems rather new to western culture and has a little book or deep research about it.

Then I found some old books of Buddism and I realized that all of them already stated in old buddhism scripture but it was more details and led us to deeper state of mind.

To lucid dreaming is a state of dream but in buddhism meditation mentioned if we achieve a specific level in meditation (zen) that can turn all our thoughts true. It sounds ... Xem thêm »
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It has been a year I work in this factory. So many memories in here. From the first day, I feel it so warmly. I love it.
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Geneticists have long said that humans and chimpanzees, the closest living relative of the humans, share 98.5 % of their DNA; but Uppsala University researchers have investigated which parts of the genetic material is missing in one species or the other. The specific DNA sequences encode protein or protein variants that other species lack and vice versa.

Well, the new study concludes that the total DNA variation between humans and chimpanzees is rather 6-7 %. There are obvious simil ... Xem thêm »
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