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Lucid dreaming
Today I read a book about lucid dreaming. It seems rather new to western culture and has a little book or deep research about it.

Then I found some old books of Buddism and I realized that all of them already stated in old buddhism scripture but it was more details and led us to deeper state of mind.

To lucid dreaming is a state of dream but in buddhism meditation mentioned if we achieve a specific level in meditation (zen) that can turn all our thoughts true. It sounds non-sense but I believe it's possible.

I think if anyone in Christain all knew about the miracle of Jesus. HE could turn nothingness to fish and cake for his disciple and citizen.

In conclusion, spirit issue is new in western but it's too old in oriental and ppl began to ignore it.
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Some Bodhisattva (bồ tát) starts meditation, scripture says that they can be in that state for a long time depending on their level. With Great Bodhisattva who can mediate in 20 lifes (buddha life) ~ 1,680,000 years or over this numbers.

As they can keep their mind nothing for long time so they can make their thought coming true. In the scripture says Buddha generates a light from the middle of eyebrow to ten thousand of worlds in all directions. Or with one toe pressing on earth, 3,000 worlds turn into Nirvana (Pure Land).

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Buddhism teach us the way to escape from this planet earth rather than researching something for fun and at the end it does not solve the biggest issue of humankind (Born-Death-Re-born).

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