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A prophecy about the future world

Not many ppl can access this information because it is the top secret.

Cao dai Religious leader - His Holiness Pham Cong Tac

"Today, I (poor monk) will preach about the cause - effect law of human in the last circle of the Third Manvantara to the four manvantara. You children be patient to wait The GOD FATHER show you stage by stage. You children expect to see the doomsday but when it comes you cry as it rains cats and dogs. I really want to say the unlimited power of the Supreme Being in one millisecond there is no one is able to survive on this planet Earth, the karma of each person has to settle in order to create the heaven life in here.

One day, Chinese and Cambodia shall be dead completely because Cambodia obeys the incitement of others and the result is completely dead. You children know in the future, nation fights with nation, religion fights with religion. Taiwan and Hong kong will evacuate to Vietnam first. So evil person do evil but we follow them when they fall down, we also fall with them fatally. That's why a little of Cambodian people will be alive in Vietnam, you children must love them. Talking about China, they are the most loved child of GOD so GOD already let Lao Tzu, Kong Zi (Confucius), Meng Zi teach them the way (religion): do good and avoid evil but China wants to control all over the world but you children must remember: aggressive will be destroy, strength will lose, weakness will win, softness will eternal, human is paid for their karma.
I tell you and try to remember you children are sitting on atom bomb though you like or not, you have to eat it (means it will be exploded). If you want to hide, you can hide under the soy bean tree (he advised that we should be vegan) because there is no place to hide except soy tree.

In the future only Vietnam has a lot of ppl alive because they are vegetarian. The other countries still has a few because they apply mass killer weapon in the war....
1948 Cao Dai Toa Thanh Tay Ninh (Cao Divine Temple).

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