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8:16 AM
My poor friend
i would like   to tell you a friend of mine who I always feel so sorry for his fate. I know him through the internet  by chatting. One day he  called me and said that his father was arrested by police and he was fined 30USD because he was speeding and drunk.
But his family is too poor  to pay for police fine. I know he's motherless, his mother died or went away when he was born. I didn't ask him about it. Now, he lives with his father but his father is unemployed or more exactly he   has no job.  So my friend must go to work in a factory near his home. He works from the morning to the  evening (7-7). He only needs a little money to buy a shirt but he can't afford. He himself support his  family. I want to help him but he lives too far but actually i can't afford  to help him. That night I thought so much so i couldn't sleep. Poor him...
Why there are   so much poor  ppl around us, why their fate are so miserable. I feel so blue. :((
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